How To Stop Premature Ejaculations With StaminaX? FAQ

Do I need to get any prescription if I want to buy StaminaX?
Absolutely not! As the pills are completely made herbal tonics so they do not require any prescription or any visits to doctor. 

What way does StaminaX work?
We had a clinical examination with many subjects under various expert. The results shown that about 95% of them were successful in getting rid of their sexual problems while 82% of them got their problem completely vanished. The results were taken after taking a 3 months of dose by the subjects. StaminaX pills work by acting directly to the part of the brain which are solely responsible to get cum. The quality of ingredient are so good that the effects can be seen in very few days. The recommended course for the pills is 3 months and in rare cases we need to increase the course for another 3 months.

What is the daily dosage of Staminax?
You need to take 2 StaminaX pills on daily basis with the glass of water. We provide the pills in bottles with 60 pills in each bottle. This helps you remember that the bottle should be finished in 1 month. You will start noticing the results within very few days. Do not take the missed dose with the next dose in order to catch up.

So do i need to take StaminaX forever?
No! StaminaX pills are not going to create any addiction in you. These are dietery supplements and should be used for only 3-6 months as usually the problem get vanished in this time period. Please make sure that you take the pills on daily basis to get the best results in best time.

Does StaminaX have any side effects?
There is not any type of side effect you will observe and nor even in our last 8 years experience we have seen any. StaminaX are completely made of herbs and they are non-addiction forming. If you have some health complications then its better to consult a doctor first.

How long does it take to receive StaminaX?
We usually ship the order within the same day of ordering the pills. StaminaX pills are sent through airmail the same day and it takes 5-10 days to reach at your doorsteps. If in case you have not received StaminaX within 10 days then please contact us.

Is StaminaX shipped discreetly?
Yes! we ship StaminaX discreetly. We do not write over the package anything except health supplements so that they are not trapped in the customs.

What does StaminaX consist of?
StaminaX consists of totally natural herbal blends:

  • Cnidium Monnieri extract:  180mg
  • Cuscuta Chinensis extract:  150mg
  • Griffonia Simplicifolia extract:  100mg
  • Passiflora Incarnata exteact: 50mg
  • Pyridoxine: 10mg
  • Ellataria Cardamomum extract: 5mg
  • Piper Nigrum extract: 5mg

What name will show up on my credit card statement?
We deal with various banks around the globe. So once your credit card is billed you will get an email as well for the confirmation.

Do you offer any guarantee if i am not satisfied with the results?
Yes we do! If you are by any chance not fully satisfied or are completely unsatisfied with the results of StaminaX, then you can return it in 60 days and we will refund your money back into your account. We refund the total(minus the shipping charges) back into your account without any question asked. All of the products are made of best ever herbs responsible to aid sexual problems. But in case you are not satisfied then you can send back us the bottle through shipment to be eligible for refund. In case if one of the bottle is completely empty then also we provide total refund. Please contact us for refund instructions.

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